Friday, June 30, 2023


 According to the "Book Of The Hopi" mankind is at the tail end of the Fourth World.  Each existence of man on Earth is suggested by a world of existence, and each world has met it's conclusion do to the transgressions of human kind and the lack of respect we have for nature and our mother the Earth.  

According to the "Book Of The Hopi" our technological advancement, the depletion of our spiritual values, and our embracing the values of the dark ones have degraded the existence of the Hopi, that's everyone, to an unrecognizable state.  We have become our own demons. 

After the Creation, human kind was protected by a race of beings the Hopi have called, "The Ant People".  The Ant People kept us healthy and protected underground while the world above finished it's growth period, and on the last days of that time freed us and let us loose on the surface of the world to grow, multiply, and be happy.  The Ant People also taught us how to live on the surface of the world in balance with the environment.  That didn't work out so well, at least three times before this period. 

Without getting to much into the prophecy of the Hopi, the signs written in the Book are the signs we see every day in the news, and the weather changing around us.  This time, this change, and our lack of respect for it and the environment the Hopi call, "Koyaanisqatsi:" Life out of Balance.  

In the Book Of The Hopi, the Last signs are Weather changes ending with the Red Snake traveling from West to East and our inability to stop it.  Red signifies Heat, Fire, and Disease.  The question is, Can we change the events or is this truly all part of the Plan as the Elders speak of?

Peace and Balance,


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