Wednesday, June 14, 2023


 Sometimes you just have to shut up and listen.  Occasionally things happen around you that are entertaining, humorous, and fantastic.  Often all at one time.  If you are jibber jabbing, much like some of the teenagers I work with every day, you'll miss the funny hidden in the mix. I am a professional watcher and taker of information.  Things happen and I record and report the "intelligence" if deemed necessary for a positive outcome for students and staff alike.  I notice things, good, bad, and even ugly.  Sounds like a perfect movie title doesn't it? 

However, sometimes you just need to shut up and listen.  I've used those words with students, both children and adults.  In the past it was received in a more positive light and the advice for the most part was accepted and practiced.  Today, I receive the  scorned look of shame.  The students, mostly the younger crowd because the older ones are in that generation, stare blankly at me not believing I've just uttered the forbidden, "Shut Up and Listen." advice.  

People wonder what I'm smiling at all the time.  They don't realize internally I'm laughing hysterically at them or in their general directions.  Most people today haven't learned the skill of listening and watching.  Silence is a powerful tool.  If used correctly it can become a huge informational, "intelligence"  gathering skill that will inform and teach the practitioner unlimited amounts of information on just about everything necessary for proper human development.  Remember the old adage, "Silence is Golden."  Well there ya go.

Simon and Garfunkel, in 1964 recorded a song, "The Sound Of Silence." "Hello darkness my old friend..."  Listen, Learn, and gain superior Advise from the listening. The sound of silence can liberate you.  Practice and maybe like Paul Simon, you'll see the truth in the Darkness.

Peace and Balance,


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