Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Merlin's Charm Of Making

Merlin's Charm of Making was in old Gaelic: An'al nathrach, Orth' bh'ais's bethad, do ch'el d'enmha.  In modern Irish: Anal nathrach Ortha bhais is beatha, do cheal deanaimh.  Not pronounced as it is written.  In English it is translated to: Serpents breath, Charm of death and life, thy omen of making.  Merlin was the son of Queen Mab, an ancient name of the Earth Mother in Celtic mythology.  Queen Mab conjured Merlin up from her union with a sky Dragon using the old ways on the eve of the Christian invasion of the Misty Isles.   Merlin was the male heir for the throne of Tir Nan Og, the land of the fiery, his mother's kingdom.  This was all before Merlin rejected his upbringing and said, "No!" to the idea of taking the throne in order to save the old ways, enraging his mother, Mab.  He spent the rest of his life with humans, teaching, guiding, and bringing in the new Majick to the world.  

Merlin was a dragon and already a thousand years old before he met the young Arthur in the Forest of Broceliande, commonly know as Du Lac, the lake.  The majickal forest surrounded a great lake at it's center.  This forest was a creation of the forces of nature that Merlin had mastered over the thousand years he was residing in it.  Merlin and the land are one. 

Merlin's Charm of Making are responsible for first the lake and then the forest.  At the center of the lake lives Merlin's wife, Queen Mab's daughter, Nimue' also known as Viviane.  The relationship is that of majickal creatures and should not be analyzed to closely as both are the son's and daughters of the same mother, Mab.  In the ancient tongue Mab is another name for the Earth.  

For a thousand years Merlin and Nimue' lived in peace and created the surface of the world readying for the appearance of the New King of Light.  Some would say they were waiting for the Christ Jesus.  No, they were waiting for the child Arthur Uther PenDragon, son of Uther the King and Igraine.  Igraine is supposedly the physical incarnation of Queen Mab herself.  Mab created Merlin in Tir Nan Og, and Arthur on the surface of the Earth, Mab.  Merlin and Arthur are brothers.  Merlin the Dragon, and Arthur the Man.  A new way had begun.  

Merlin's Charm of Making I will attempt at writing a phonic translation:  Annal  Nathrock Oothvas bethuud Daffiel Deennvay.  This is a proper pronunciation for the Gaelic written in the above paragraphs.  Which means roughly, not directly: Through the Breath of the Dragon I move Death and Life my Omen of Creation.  From Merlin, Myrdrynn the Wizard son of Mab the Earth.  

The things you learn as a child from your father. 

Peace and Balance,


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