Thursday, June 15, 2023

Global Truth


Eye's to the sky, as they say.  Don't miss the incoming.  The question is, "Incoming what?"  According to Dr. Steven Greer and his panel, we might just have a lot more to look at flying over head.  As disclosure begins and the light is being shed on the subjects of UFO's, UAP's, USO's, and other exotic technologies, we might have cousins from other places, spaces, and time visiting on a regular basis.  

History is a strange thing.  It is written by the victors of whatever skirmish has taken place in that geographical area.  It is also manipulated by those same victors.  First we change history to hide the truth from the prying eyes of foreign entities.  Then we change history to hide the truth of events from our own citizens.  The later usually happens when the government gets to the point where there is no one else from outside looking in and starts covering up things from internal sources.  These are usually called conspiracies.  The longer conspiracies live the more teeth they develop and are taken for granted as truth.  Usually they are projected smoke screens to take the attention of the people away from the actual truth, which can be much stranger than the fiction  

Depending upon how important it is for the government to keep these secrets depends on how much security is required to keep them.  This could include some pretty heinous acts projected on the people by the government, up to and including death. 

Eisenhower said that an informed population is required to keep it's government honest and transparent.  Unfortunately this is not how it works out.  If it did we would indeed be the most powerful people on the planet, not the most paranoid.  That is a title we share with both the Russians and the Chinese.  This paranoia fuels and is the catalyst for the many versions of a Cold War we have been undergoing since the late 1940's.  Nuclear weapons, Trade Secrets, Space Race, Computer Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and now, Aliens in our back yards.  When is the Truth going to be spoken, and when is the killing going to stop?

Dr. Michio Kaku, occasionally talks about the existence of Super Governments on levels outside of our understanding.  That these governments are what we lower level folk would call Demi gods etc.  It turns out that these Governments are instead illegal Black Budget projects that have been thwarting and extorting monies away from our Democratic Republic for generations, and that these Projects are the ones responsible for keeping the secrets that many citizens have died trying to shed light upon, and that this is a world wide pandemic.  There are Illegal Black Budget Projects all over the globe.  

Cover up is a terrible declaration.  It declares that the ones that are supposed to be looking over us and out for our well being and nurture our development as nations have been lying to us to hold onto an agenda all of Their own.  This could be by some, considered the epidemy of Evil.  That would mean we've been living in the Devil's house and it's time to be free.

I remember the promise.  It was bold and wise.  It would give us each a piece of Heaven, be it within, or without.  I remember that muse, and want my Flying Car.

Peace and Balance,



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