Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Spoils of War.

 It's seems that the Wagner paramilitary group has turned on their masters.  Two generals have been nipping at each other's heals about differences in leadership, lacking ammunition, no reinforcement, and many other shared atrocities.  Wagner has turned and bit back, and are pushing on to Moscow.  Will they get there?  Only time will tell.  Apparently the regular Russian army isn't doing as well against the Wagner group as they bragged they would.  Russian military practices include many versions of the same lie to cover up what is actually happening behind the lines.  

War crimes are interesting, generally the spoils go to the victors.  In the past if a government was guilty of evil doings, if that government came out on top of the war then there are no more war crimes.  However today the rest of the world is watching and judging.  Both entities, the Russian regulars, and Wagner, are guilty of executing some pretty heinous crimes upon the Ukrainian people.  It will be interesting to see how this works out towards the end of the war.  

In the meantime we will continue to pray for Ukraine and hope that they get the aid needed to be victorious in this struggle, and that they will come out of it stronger and a better unified nation than they already are.  Possibly even as members of NATO, in this way unified we stand and Evil will never prevail.

80 years ago a very similar war was being played out.  The Allies were victorious and overcame the Nazi horde.  Today we have Vladimir Putin and his re-emergence of Soviet ideals and a new Evil has emerged.  Those that ignore the lessons of the past will suffer the pains of their ignorance.  How many times must the world fight this war before we learn?

Peace and Balance,


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