Monday, June 26, 2023

The Fridge Beast


Today I stared straight into the eyes of the unknown and jumped head first into a project that had been ignored for apparently longer than I originally thought.  I decided to clean out my refrigerator.  I once worked in a profession where yucky and gooey was part of the regular daily goings on, where smells, and vial odors are all part of the job. Fortunately the mistake made by one of my supervisors made my nose a poor smeller of bad smells.  

The story goes, as part of my last job while employed by The United States Air Force, I would inspect and run tests on lifts stations, well heads, the base water and waste plants, and do all field testing of "Classified Stamp Here." flight line waste.  Any who, I was doing my duties and crossed the flight line on the air base.  The flight line includes the runway and taxiway.  Heading toward the main water pumping station called Hazen at Pease AFB.  Red light blinking and proper introductions and intentions made to the Tower I arrived at the well house.  Out of my little blue Ford I go and unlocked the door.  Two steps into the building  and I woke up in the base hospital with an O2 rig attached to my face with several lines sticking out of my arms.  My partner drug me out of the building and rushed me to the hospital ER.  Apparently my supervisor did not seal the Chlorine cylinder head correctly with a lead washer and Chlorine gas leaked all over the inside of the building.  The read claxon light and alarm was not functioning, so I had no warning.  Ever since then my sniffer has been off.  It works, just not like it did prior to the accident.  Any ways...

Today, I jumped head long into my fridge.  As I write this I'm still working on the project.  It's almost done, and the worst looking things are cleaned out, but man, I think I'll keep on top of that stuff from now on.  Now I know the true meaning of mystery meat and that if it growls when you poke it make sure it's dead before proceeding.  At heart I am a tad bit of a Klingon, just not into eating things I can't quite identify.  

So, All's good now and the beast is clean and ready to operate of it's fullest abilities.  So, take my advice, if your wife tells you something is off in the fridge even if you can't smell it, clean it.  No good ever came from creating a universe of mystery meats.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. Which reminds me it's trash day tomorrow and I should probably do a clean out just before the truck comes by.

    1. Step carefully into the unknown, for beyond that door you never know what lurks.