Saturday, June 10, 2023

Martial Entropy


This is the formula for Entropy.  Where S is Entropy, kb is the Boltzmann constant, 1n is the natural logarithm, and Omega is the number of microcosmic configurations or mutations involved in the mix.  Entropy is the natural decay in any system that progresses over a period of time.  In physics it is a bleeding of power or drop in mechanical productivity. In Biology it is the physical decay and deterioration of matter after the living processes are finished.  In Astronomy it is the slow death in the life cycle of a Planet, Star, or Galaxy in an ever folding Space.  In Psychology Entropy is the cognitive decline in the thinking processes of the human brain.  That slow dive into madness.

To a Martial Artist Entropy is the slow deterioration when the artist stops practicing and loses the technical skills and understanding of those skills over a long period of time.  Entropy is also the decline of certain skill and ability due to age, illness, and injury that the artist has succumbed to over a lifetime of practice. 

Entropy can also be considered the supreme challenge of the aging artist.  Fighting the forces of nature with every practice session, every moment of quietness, every time the artist engages the body/ mind connection and goes beyond those forces that quietly and coldly try to hold him/her down.  

The Master of physical awareness  be he/she a Yogi, Gymnast, or Martial Artist, after attaining that level of self awareness, spends a lifetime fighting this quiet foe, Entropy.  When other's notice in he/she that this battle is being won, that the Artist is excelling despite these obstacles, calls Him/Her Master and ask to be taught the Secrets learned over a lifetime of practice.  

The Master then waits, before answering, for signs of Humility...

Peace and Balance,


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