Friday, June 9, 2023

Donald J. Trump, "The Manchurian Candidate?"


Donald J. Trump, former commander and chief of the United States, has been formally charged with 7 counts of obstruction of justice, misappropriation of federal documents, and one federal charge of espionage.  Espionage is a big thing, that usually translates as, "Spy."

For quite a few years now I've been asking the question, "What would happen if we found out that the President of The United States is indeed a Spy for another government or entity, and that he was guilty of hand delivering information about our government and technologies to that entity or government?"

Sounds like an old story proposed by Richard Condon in 1959 called "The Manchurian Candidate."  A very good Spy novel, but spooky as Hell.  I've always wondered what would happen?

Enter the stage one Donald J. Trump, a man who has a personal relationship with the Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and owns a luxury hotel right outside the capital city of Moscow.  Trump has uncomfortable ties with a governmental entity at the level of a good old fashioned Conspiracy Theory.  Of course this is old news, but the man who is responsible for the insurrection of January 6th is again beginning his run for the 2024 presidential race, and has recently been charged.  There's something fowl smelling is in the state of Denmark.

Is it possible that my concerns are correct, is the Donald actually a foreign Spy?   Time and the investigation will only know at this point.  As for me, I'm voting for the other guy.

Peace and Balance,


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