Saturday, June 17, 2023

Beige Flags.


While in the shower this morning and listening to NPR, (National Public Radio), Yes I listen to NPR while in the shower.  Don't judge.  I was listening to the comedic news game show, "Wait, wait don't tell me."  Some of of the readers might be familiar, where the show's host, Peter Seagal and his voice from the wings, Bill Kurtis, along with a panel of comedic guests try to stump, confuse, overwhelm, and entertain a call in listener, and a weekly celebrity guest on reworked versions of current domestic and world news.  I like the show because of it's comedy, and that the stories in the news are real stories with just a enough of twist to make the listener chuckle and sharpen a point on the current news.  

Any who, while listening to this mornings show I was introduced to a new slang term that made me stop and go, "What the ....?"  We of the respectable age will remember that when a friend or even you says, "That sends up a Red Flag" for me, is telling you that there is something afoul lurking about.  That something is not quite as it should be, an untruth is poking it's proverbial head into your space, and many other things not quite right.  The Red Flag is, or was that sign that you should beware.  

This morning however I heard a new term that made me just a tad queasy, The Beige Flag.  At first I just sort of stopped in mid shampoo and said to myself, "Did I hear that right or is the water splashing in my ears obstructing my hearing?"  No, I heard that, "Beige Flag."

To me beige is a color that tip toes around looking very similar to baby poop.  Depending on what the child has eaten.  I suppose calling it a Baby Poop Flag wouldn't give it quite the appeal that a Beige Flag does, but still. "What the ....?"  

The Beige Flag is the new Red Flag. So what happens when we respectable people use the term, "Red Flag"?  Are the youth of the world going to understand us or just stare blankly into our eyes like we've traveled south with the Gravy Train?  One may never know.  

Then again, I rather enjoy making young'uns uncomfortable.  That's my job.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. I should have known my date was a Communist -there were so many red flags.