Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The Hot Dog, Our National Obsession


This morning while I was meandering around in my little CRV pony I heard on the radio a show that was upholding the national obsession with the Hot Dog.  My radio is predominantly tuned into NPR, national public radio, as I find the NPR news team, and the programing to be top notch and entertaining.  As I'm an old fan of talk radio it fits my needs nicely.  While I was presumably paying attention to my driving, the host and her cohost were speaking to their personal taste of hot dog excellence.  

They started their show with a quip about Harry Callahan also known as Dirty Harry played by one of my favorite all time tough guys, Clint Eastwood.  In the Movie, "Dirty Harry" Harry is standing arm outstretched with a rather large hand cannon pointed at the bad guy as he's taking a bite from a hot dog.  The dog has ketchup on it.  Every one knows that Dirty Harry only eats his dog with mustard.  The look on his face was darn primeval as he says, "Ketchup, it's un-American to put Ketchup on a hot dog."  This started the host and her cohost listing off a rather lengthy, but tasty sounding discord about the different styles and recipes for the hot dog.  

Apparently a dog on a plain bun, steamed with only mustard is called a Chicago Hot Dog, or a Harry Callahan, or Dirty Harry.  All names fit that dog.  I admit, I like them that way, but I also like Ketchup on my dog, even mayo.  It's all yummy to me.  I am a fan of the hot dog.

During my listening and salivating, The host described what was considered the premier American dog, a fried hot dog wrapped in bacon.  That sounded almost unbelievable to my ears, so since I was on the way, I stopped in at Walmart and bought myself some dogs, bacon, buns, and something to wash it all down with.  Then I went home to try it out on the Mrs.  

I prepared 6 hot dogs wrapping each individually in a piece of bacon and pining the bacon in place with a tooth pick.  Then I buttered up the grill and toasted 6 hot dog buns until they were all golden toasty.  I put them aside and turned the oven on 350 degrees.  I then placed the dogs on the griddle and fried them up to near perfection, each it's own delicious looking crispy bacon coating.  I then put some mustard into each of the buns followed by the bacon wrapped dogs, topped off with a piece of Cooper American Sharp cheese.  These I place on a backing sheet and placed them in the oven for 10 minutes.  This melted the cheese and brought the dog temperature to a uniform heat.  They were ready to serve.  

Served with a handful of backed chips, lunch commenced.  It was heavenly.  She ate one and I ate five.  Then I made her some Strawberry Shortcake for desert.  I abstained.  Lunch over and cleanup done, the only thing left to do was sit and let it settle.  I think I'll re-name this dog the, "American Heart Attack" Hot Dog ready to sell in any ball park in the country.  

Peace and Balance,


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