Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Kibitzing The Ancient Game.

"Excuse me for staring, but I must watch.  The game is going very long and I want to steal some ideas, get into your head, and learn the moves. I know I'm being a pain, but believe me this is better than watching my little sister do my home work."

The Kibitzer is that one individual that watches the game of Chess progress from beginning to end often throwing out a few harmless ideas, theories, and his/her own opinions on how the game should be progressing.  Kibitzing should be outlawed, and the Kibitzer made to write 1000 times on a board, "I will not watch, I will not watch."

Chess, originally called "Shawmut" or "Death of the King" was a game invented to drive prisoners crazy during the inquisition.  What happened instead was that these inmates learned how to think strategically, and logically.  Not exactly the intended outcome. 

Many an ancient war was won by those individuals that had a better than average strategic mind.  Often the past prisoners of the evil barons that taught them the punishment of Chess.  I'm thinking of famous people  the like of Robin of Locksley, also known as Robin Hood.  What the reader of the ancient bard doesn't know is that Robin spent some time in one of these prisons learning how to think at the hands of the chained Chess Master.  We shall call him Po, and why not?   

Master Po nick named Robin, "Krispy Kream" and taught him the much needed skill of ignoring the menacing Kibitzer.  But, that is indeed another story all together.  It was written into Historical Text as, "Kung Po Chicken". 

Ignorance of the Kibitzer saved Robin who eventually waged logical and strategic war on those who jailed him and his people.  Robin Hood has become Mythological and is taught to every hero worshiping youth in today's society.  He was after all, a Hero.  

The Kibitzer almost takes on the personage of a Spy.  A double agent through which he passes information back and forth from player to player until the war is waged and a winner is announced.  At which time, "I will not Watch, I will not Watch."  becomes the sages Mantra.

Peace and Balance,