Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Messenger


Suppose your father was a great king.  He rules over what the people consider the known world.  These people, his people worship him as king and love him because he is a good king, a just king.  For generations he rules in this way and the people follow him.  When his people step out of line he sends his missionaries with messages to put them on the right track, to bring them back to the fold.  Suppose that as time passes the people begin trading with other's from a far off unknown place.  With these people come ideas from another king, whom his people love as much as you love your king.  Your world grows larger.

Now suppose that there is a dis-contention  between the two kings.  They don't agree on every detail of the trade or the way to govern and teach their people, their children.  There is great expense spent and wrought to balance the differences between the two kings.  Eventually there is an agreement, a balance in political ideals is made and both sets of children and citizens live together in harmony.  All is good.

Again, suppose a third more aggressive king arrives from even farther away.  This time the two good kings can not find a balance between them and the new king, and he declares war on the mixed country.  This war is a battle between two opposing ideals.  One of acceptance and mutual love, and one of disharmony and anarchy.  What if this war goes on for generations and some of your people are beginning to sway to the anarchial side of their own natures, they are embracing the darkness.   

The two good kings have a child each.  One has a daughter, the other a son.  They have been betrothed since child hood and indeed have learned to love one another.  Because of this war both good kings send a messenger to the people, the children of their country.   First the daughter is sent and eventually disappears into the darkness on the horizon, then the son is sent.  He has a two fold job, to find his wife whom was sent first, and to bring a message to his father's children.  

Now, Suppose He is accepted by some of the people and not by a majority.  Now suppose he is able to share the message with some of his chosen citizens, but has not found his wife.  As things go, politics always has a martyr.  The people torture and eventually kill the messenger because of his message.  She found him at the very end.  Now suppose...

Who is this story about?

Peace and Balance,


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