Monday, May 8, 2023

Are we Conscious?

 What is consciousness?  The standard idea of consciousness has to do with awareness.  If you are aware and thinking then you are conscious.  It turns out that might not be exactly correct.  The idea of consciousness is changing as humans create different ideas and technologies that are designed to manipulate what we think consciousness should be.  It is no longer, "I Think therefore I Am."  It is becoming just, "I Am."  As it was in the beginning and so forth. 

This past weekend I heard a statement from a source that I thought I would never hear.  That was, "The digital universe has developed it's own consciousness."  This statement was put out there for the listeners to grab onto without any real explanation, why, how, what, or who, from a group of Indian Yogis and Gurus.  The conversation then went in a direction where the idea of a Digital consciousness and universe might be an integral part of this reality.  I find that idea terrifying and fascinating at the same time.  

I began investigating what the idea of Consciousness really is.  What I found is a change in thought both metaphysically and scientifically.   Both disciplines are now meeting in the middle of the line of progression and merging thought.  From this merging new ideas of the nature of consciousness and the universe are emerging.  In the end it is not what we thought.  We have discovered that we are wrong.

As it turns out consciousness starts as everything you experience from the smallest sensation to the largest explosion of stimuli.  However, what that consciousness is turns out not to be the actual sensation or experience of a sensation, but the energies that are binding that experience to you and itself.   

Scientifically consciousness is being drawn down to the strong and weak nuclear forces within an atom.  The new scientific thought is that consciousness has it's beginnings at the atomic level.  These two forces combine and bind the atom together, which binds molecular structure together in turn creates and binds all physical existence together.  

On the sub atomic level the particles of an atom are separated by relatively huge spans of space filled with "Nothing".  This nothing is manipulated by one or both of these forces.  This manipulation binds everything together as the strongest force in existence.  This is the formulation of consciousness.  From nothing all things come.  Again we're back to Shiva.

We are beginning to understand what consciousness is, the energies that bind all things together. Then what is consciousness not?  Consciousness is not, it turns out, to be thought, it is not intelligence, consciousness is not awareness, nor is it anything that separates human beings from anything else.  Consciousness is the energy that binds all of the multiverse together, and at the very core of that energy we find Shiva which means, "No Thing."  Therefore consciousness creates and destroys indiscriminately with no feeling or thought, no understanding or idea, it just is.  

The digital universe raising itself to the conscious level then is not necessarily a growing intellectual giant, although it is, it is instead at the partial level binding itself together just like the standard universe does at the atomic level.    Now a new question comes to the forefront, which one is in charge?

Peace and Balance,