Monday, May 1, 2023

It's All About The Choices.

 Everything we do in life starts with a series of choices.  When we rise in the morning we start making choices.  We choose to make coffee, we choose what brand or flavor that coffee to make, we choose whether or not to brush our teeth, etc.  A series of choices made during our day determines the outcome of the rest of the day, or days to come.  Our choices dictate whether or not you're having a good day verses a bad day, all is relative.

I've made the rational choice to pay my bills on time.  This has a fairly positive effect and at or towards the end of the cycle has some positive feed back.  Ie: my credit rating rises, my banks I pay give me positive feed back, and I don't have annoying people showing up at my door expecting large amounts of cash.  All positive outcomes.

Some of the choices we make unfortunately have more, shall we say, negative outcomes.   We might make a decision that we consider rational, that in the long run turns out more irrational making the outcome not as positive as it could be.  For instance buying your girl white lily's for her birthday thinking you've done a good thing.  She either thinks you're proposing, or that you want her to die.  Not quite the positive outcome you've anticipated.  It's all about the choices. 

Choices can start or stop wars.  Some of the worst wars in history started through a series of poorly made choices.  Adolf chose to invade Poland, and later because of the gravity of that choice later chose to kill himself and his girl.  A series of very bad choices.  The USSR chose to place intercontinental ballistic missiles in Cuba right off the border of the United States.  The United States in turn made the choice  to threaten the USSR with inevitable war, and the USSR decided to take the missiles back home.  A series of choices that started bad and ended good.  One leads to another and so forth. 

Sometimes the choices we make can be as benign as choosing to camp beside a river or not.  The initial choice seems to be harmless enough.  Who doesn't like sitting next to the flowing water beside a nice camp fire?  Sounds nice doesn't it? Unless you have made the pre-choice to ignore the pending weather reports and possible flood alerts, maybe a bad choice?  After all waking to a flooded campsite, a vehicle that you find out doesn't float, and the need to swim to save your own life definitely starts with a series of bad choices.  

Everything we do in life starts with a series of choices.  Good, Bad, or Indifferent, these choices can determine whether or not you're going to have a good day.  The gift of forethought should be employed.  Please have a good day.  

Peace and Balance,




  1. As long as we survive our bad choices we can learn from them.

  2. "That which does not kill you, makes you stronger." Conan The Barbarian