Friday, May 12, 2023

Doom and Ice


The deal with world wide climate change is that people forget about the global warning signs of things happening just behind the curtain of events that catch the public eye, like temperature rising or falling, water ways expanding, contracting, or shifting, the desertification of areas quickly that should not be lacking water, and the sudden movement of large quantities of ice.  The later is a cyclical event.  One that is way overdue.  

The last great ice age was between 100 thousand and 25 thousand years ago.  The ice pushed well into the continental United States.  It is a misconception that ice covered the entire globe.  That's not true.  However, Ice miles deep pushed south as far as the middle Pacific region just south of Oregon across through the upper part of Wyoming, sort of arches down through lower Massachusetts's, and New York State.  From there the ice thinned out until it reached a more tepid climate.  South America was still fairly warm and the Yucatan was tropical.  Ice covered about 25% of the Earth's surface. 

Then about 20 thousand years ago the major jet streams began changing course and warmer air started reaching areas of the planet that hadn't been warm for upwards of 100 thousand years or so.  There may even have been a huge geological event such as an asteroid strike or even more likely a sudden global pole shift that managed to shift the axis of the planet.  Whatever happened, our world began warming back up to more tolerable mammal loving temperatures.  

There are some precursors to an impending ice age.  Some of these signs may include, but are not uniquely subject to: The rise in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, which has been rising substantially due to global climate change.  This added CO2 effects the major oceans which in turn effects the ocean currents responsible for bringing warm water north and cool water south and so forth. When the water temperatures of the planet begin changing the atmospheric temperatures which in turn effect the jet streams, (the fast moving rivers of air) traveling around the planet also change.  The end result is a global warming, then super cooling.  Hence we have an Ice Age.

Now, using your advanced powers of observation, take a long look at the state of global warming and or cooling today.  Where in this cycle are we, and do you recognize the symptoms?  I think it's safe to say that we just might be in the throws of impending Doom.  Now what?

Peace and Balance,


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