Saturday, May 13, 2023


 Today I helped my Compadre retrieve his one dollar car.  Rather the one dollar plus the cost of a battery, lunch, gas, and the luxury of a glorious day, Ford Expedition.  The circumstances that allowed my Buddy to purchase an almost perfect used vehicle for a buck verge on darn miraculous.   

I haven't been out of the sphere of our little area for a very long time.  For years I've been going to work, coming home, taking my wife to appointments, teaching adult classes, and coming home again.  Because of the nature of care and work I haven't had the opportunity to escape into the great beyond for a very long time. 

My Compadre and I went on a road trip.  The intention was to retrieve the one dollar car. The trip was fantastic.  The weather was perfect, not to hot, not to cold, not super windy, everything was just right.  He fed me lunch, let me do a short shopping trip, and after, even fed my car, that was kind of him. A wonderful trip to boot.  All was good in the world.

After reaching our destination a center of power was discovered.  The trees were growing in a circle, the owner of the property had cleared just enough to make it clean looking and accessible.  The river flows by, and stones are set in rings.  A very positive set of parameters.  Good Medicine.  We'll have to revisit one of these days.  

The trip home was equally impressive.  We each had our own steel ponies as I drove my car and he drove his.  I followed for a short time as not to get lost in the woods, then traveled the rest of the way on my own so he could set up some repairs for his new wheels.  I had a very healing ride home.  I felt balanced, recharged, and ready for a new day.  

All in all the trip was a healing experience, a trip out of my bubble, and a way to help a friend retrieve a set of wheels.  I do believe I may have gotten more out of the trip than my Bud, and am very thankful. Expedition is an appropriate name for a ride.

Peace and Balance,


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  1. You've got to get out of your bubble more often my friend.