Monday, May 29, 2023

Lawn Tractor

 Lawn equipment : Stuff you use to trim and keep the lawn and yard as presentable as possible.  It is also a source of recent irritation.  The tractor started, it ran for a short time, just long enough to begin the job, then I made a mistake.  I shut it off to move things around in order to finish the job.  It didn't start again.  It sits right where I left it.  After all today it is Memorial Day and I don't feel like futsing around with it.  

I may have to contact the young fellow that fixed her up last year to give it a health check.  I've dubbed him the small engine doc as he's very good at this stuff for a youngster.  Or, I'll do the smart thing and resort to doing an oil change.  The battery was fully charged after the winter of sitting in my basement.  I was both amused and delighted.  Let's hope it didn't drain for not charging while she was running.  One may never know.

In any order, Tomorrow I will add some oil, give it a once over and try starting her again.  That should do the job.  After all Independence Day is coming up, that's the day we blow stuff up and there are always possibilities.  

Lawn care is a pleasure as well as a bane.  It's all how you approach it that counts.  

Peace and Balance,


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