Wednesday, May 10, 2023


 Sitting still and remaining silent can open paths to your personal magic.  Learning how to listen without speaking is the beginning of gaining a certain amount of enlightenment.  Enlightenment comes in degrees, we can also call it, "Learning something new."  New things come to those who wait.  Waiting properly includes an amount of supreme silence.  That is Silence with the big S.  

Silence is a learned skill.  You don't just start being silent.  You must first learn how to quiet yourself.  Quietness is a by product of understanding the noise in your mind.  You can not quiet your mind totally.  Trying to can, if you let it, create madness.  Instead in your mind look at all the noise and remain quiet within your own alliterations about what your experiencing and thinking.  After you have learned to just, "Gaze" at your thoughts without judgment you will have started the process of being able to just sit and be Silent in an environment full of stimuli.  Let it flow over and wash you.  Remain silent and learn.

Practice, close your eyes and slightly gaze at the third eye, don't worry about wandering focus, and breath.  Breath in the nose, and out the mouth in a comfortable rhythmic pattern.  A little longer on the out breath than on the intake with a short stop at the top.   Just watch, feel, hear, and breath.  The Silence will come.

There is no judgement in this space, no other, just you.  Breath and be Silent.

And Learn.

Peace and Balance,


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