Saturday, May 20, 2023

Flaw of Nature

 I have a predilection for BS.  Amongst the many flaws of my nature, I have spent a lifetime searching out and dealing with my human ability to screw up at any drop of  a hat, cap, scarf, screwdriver, what ever happens to fall from my mitts.  I have larger than average mitts.  

I was gifted by the great wind gods the ability to tell a grand tale.  I grew up listening and learning how to weave a story from the fabric of nature and the energies of those around me.  I know how to read my environment. 

Sometimes when weaving tales of mirth and mayhem, the listener begins to hear the truth woven within the story.   I have set out to spread the impossible truths of life and the nature of it through the telling of these woven spontaneous tales of, "BS".   This is one of my faults of nature.  My nature has within it a great love of humanity.  I cry at the pains of children I don't know, and I worry about the fears of friends I barely know, and I tell their stories.  Sometime these stories aren't recognizable until the very end, then a little, "poof" happens within the listening brain.  Let's hope I'm not the cause of spontaneous aneurism.  

Flaws of Nature aren't righted by ignoring them, instead the proper extinction of the flaw in nature is to look straight at it.  Gaze the demon in the eye and attack it with the frontal assault of truth.  Change your BS to truth and watch the uncomfortable squirms of those who listen and understand what is being told.  Tales of wonder, stories of myth weaved around the truth like a cloak of many colors, dreams. 

History is woven into this coat.  Stories started being told when man first stood taller than the grass and uttered his first word.  It wasn't, "Uhg". It was, "Uhg, what a mess".  Then he promptly ran to the tree where is wife and children resided and started telling the tale of the history up to that point, "Uhg" was just about It.  

That tale, that wonderous story started then and through the magic of the spoken word began taking on a life of it's own.  The players changed as the story changed the cultures telling the tale.  The truth became myth, and woven into the BS was the truth.  Millenia have passed and that tale, the original story that started with an, "Uhg", became the history of human kind and it's many versions, the religions of the world.  Tales of man, the flaws of nature.  

You see, my predilection for BS has become the time honored attribute of all tellers of the historic tale.  All who know truth upon seeing it and hearing, all who have the courage to share this truth within a cloak of dreams for the listener to find on his own have the god given gift and responsibility to face the demon within themselves and bombard it with this tale.  So when it runs from the truth, the truth is presented to all who hear.

Today's modern tale is spoken, and written in the many venues given by the digital  demiurge.  Our supreme being is now loose on Google and the stories are being told by an artificial voice.  We have evolved?

I have many flaws.  Each one is being handled through a straight eye fearlessly brought to justice.  Knowing truth, and speaking truth, brings a certain reality to each listener and reader.  This collective is the nature of our Creator.

Peace and Balance,


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