Thursday, May 25, 2023



Identity is a funny thing.  We are born and given a name, then spend a lifetime trying to either live up to that name or change the name to  fit our own idea of who we are.  Names are strange markers in the sand.  Draw a line and say, "I dare you to cross, in the name of.." whatever.  We draw a line in the sand putting our name out there as a warning to other folk possibly with similar monikers. 

But, is this who we really are?  Are we that name, are we that identity, are we that person?  As we grow into the many stages of our development who and what we think we are changes depending upon the experiences we've had to get us to that point in our lives.  We might have a reputation for being a bold and outspoken person.  We might have a reputation of being meager and withdrawn.  Hell we might even have the reputation of being a Bass Ass, but is that who we are?  

I've spent a lifetime using different identities and names depending upon the circumstances.  I was born with one name, given another as a toddler, given even another as I got older and established a certain part of my personality, and have even created a name of my very own, on my own to self identify.  I use all of these personas depending upon the what's going on thing.  My environment, input from others, what I see in the morning mirror, all of these will determine just, "who" I am on any given day.

So then, what makes up an identity?  Is it a name, a persona, a reputation, or actions?   Identity is the you that you know, that no one else can know.  It is the Terrible Other that guides you and pushes you.  It is that part of you that whispers in your ear either comforting, or terrifying you.  That is the real you.  

What is your identity?  Are you happy with you, or dissatisfied with you?  To find the real you let go and look beyond.  The you that you are looking for will find you and will become your identity.  

Peace and Balance,