Saturday, April 29, 2023

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

 Today was a day of change.  For many years I have had hair that ranged anywhere from the mid of my back to almost waist level.  The thing about having long hair is that there is a certain amount of maintenance.  There is always the pruning, the combing, the washing, the hours of keeping it tied in a pony tail.  I have worn my hair this way for more than 30 years, until now. 

This afternoon I appeared at the counter of a hair salon stationed at our local Walmart.  The lady came to the counter and I said, "Do you have any time to deal with my mop?" As I tugged on my hair. 

 She said, "Sure I do, have a seat."  

I sat down and looked into the mirror and said, "This is going to be drastic."  

One of the annoying things about having hair as long as mine is that I was shedding like a Shetland pony.  Hair had been collection all over my house for years.  I have been finding it in places that you'd think wouldn't collect hair.  It is damn annoying.  

For reasons beyond my understanding my house seems to be a serious dust magnet.  Not just little bits of dust, but dust on the magnitude of Sahara pile ups.  I could drive a fairly good buggy through my dust and gain some recreational enjoyment from it, no doubt.  

Hair when it collects attracts dust itself.  Add that with the regular dust collecting in the house and we have a plot for a fairly decent B rated Horror film.  I'm sure early in the morning I can hear the groans and growls of large toothed dust bunnies.  Tyrannosaurus Rex Bunnies, (TRB's)  The phenomena is going to be etched into paranormal history.  

For many years I donned the tail of a Cheyenne warrior, the mane of an Assiniboine elder.  Sometimes radical change is in order for comfort, cleanliness, and good old fashioned shock factor.  Today, I don't.

Peace and Balance,


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