Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Reality TV, (FOX)


For the past few years a movement has been creeping around the globe called, "Reality TV."  Supposedly Reality TV is television that is unscripted programming that documents the comings and goings of real life scenarios.  I've watched a few programs and am dubious about whether it is unscripted or not.  Some of the programing is Highly questionable. 

Now, not that I pick on any particular program, but you must admit, the "Kardashians" can't be real.  I mean, come on! How can people like that actually survive in the "Real" world?  For one thing every one of those girls looks like a clone of each other at different stages of development.  They even have the signs of dropping chromosomes as the intelligence level of the younger sisters drops.  I'm reminded of the Michael Keeton movie about a scientist that continually clones himself, each generation is just a little stupider than the last.  Reality?  

Since the mid 1990's Reality TV has been introducing it's version of subtle brain washing to the American public starting with, "The Real World", "Survivor", and "Idols", non of which can be taken to seriously.  As time progressed and the viewing world grew closer to the 2020's. Reality TV has become much more sophisticated and mind throttling.  

In 1996 the FOX television network launched it's FOX news division.  It was Rupert Murdoch's idea to create a News Television Network based around sports, and it slowly evolved into the troubled law suit involved outfit that it is today.  The sad thing is, they did it all to themselves.  

Sports reporting tends to be full of opinions and self statements that the reporter uses to describe and explain the game and or team being reported on.  The reporter fills the air with Hopeful statements about who they want to win the game etc.  Then disappointed statements when their team loses, or joyful statements when their team wins.  All opinion driven reporting.  Believe it or not, that tends to be acceptable reporting as far as a sports event is concerned, but not so much as far as general news based reporting goes.  FOX News has crossed that line many times and is now paying the price. 

After many years of reporting an opinionated programing, FOX slowly climbed into the realms of the "False Narrative".  That's fancy talk for intentionally lying to the public.  FOX is being charged with several counts of fraud and supposition.  They are playing with the "Dark Side" of the Force.  Not to get into Mr. Murdoch's legendary badness, but he could be one of the Evil Sith Lords made famous on Star Wars.

Reality TV is scripted to lead the viewer astray, and FOX News follows the Script of the Dark Lords, The Donald for instance.  The FOX network has evolved into a complete entertainment organization both dark and not so dark, but entertainment non the less and should never be taken seriously, in any of the many facets that it has presented to the viewing public over the years.  As an organization it is just as much a Reality source as the Kardashian's, Michael Keeton's clones, and "The Real World".  

Remember when viewing any programing regardless of it's source, use your rational mind to determine the "Reality" of the subject.

Peace and Balance,




  1. Nothing says I'm sorry like an over 3/4 billion settlement.

  2. FOX, and Face Book, I guess you just can't fix stupid.