Monday, April 3, 2023

The Puzzle of Age

 A gray haired old lady approached me at the home and asked me to help her with a puzzle.  I asked her what the puzzle was and she squinted mindfully at the box and said, "A chicken, I think."

She dumped all the pieces out on the table and began trying to fit them together.

I said to the gray haired old lady, "Please mam, you're not going to be able to put that puzzle together, and let's put the Corn Flakes back into the box."  

At the time I first heard this joke I thought it was extremely funny.  I laughed for days.  That is until I looked at myself in the mirror and realized my hair was indeed gray, verging on a pale shade of white.  And again I noticed the tool dangling from a string around my neck, my spectacles.  Then I realized I have troubles remembering important things, like phone numbers, birth dates, and occasionally my own name.  Oh my God, I've become the butt of the joke.

A gray haired old man approached a gray haired old lady and asks, "Remember that puzzle you asked me about the other day? I've got a bowl and spoon, hungry?"

Peace and Balance,


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