Saturday, April 8, 2023

Helium, Hydrogen, and Seth Rogen

 Helium is the second element on the Periodical Table of Elements.  It's chemical symbol is He, which sort of looks like he, but not.  It has no gender and entertains indiscriminately.  Helium has two protons and two electrons, all sharing space with two neutrons.  Helium is like the normal all American family, two dads, two moms, and a couple quasi related kids that hate all the parents.  "But, they all float up here".  Stealing from Stephen King there.

Helium and the standard kids birthday balloon go hand in hand.  Fill the balloon up with Helium and it happily floats and flits from one place to another.  In the movie classic, "The Red Balloon," a little boy chases a Red Helium filled balloon around Berlin.  The balloon seems to be playing with the boy and he never actually catches it.  Sad story really.  

Helium has a super power, it can change the voice of the deepest bass singer into a Metso Soprano, incredible. If you're ever having a real no holds barred party, if you're a party type, Helium can create at least a few minutes of unrequited humor.  Breathing Helium and take a group of friends and create a real version of Alvin and the Chipmunks.  What more could you want?

Helium is fairly safe, it isn't explosive like it's neighbor Hydrogen.  It's a Nobel Gas, it's balanced and won't share electrons with anybody.  Safe. but stingy.  I've wondered what would happen if you infused soda with helium instead of Carbon Dioxide?  Nah probably wouldn't work, right?

Helium, the second element on the Periodic Table.  Essentially a gaseous toy.  Changes your voice, floats things around, and potentially or not a substitute for the bubbles in soda, you never know?

What's the motivation behind this blog?  I was watching a Seth Rogen movie.

Let's see chatGPT write that!

Peace and Balance,


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