Monday, April 10, 2023



Spring has come.  The weather is turning and we in the North Country are beginning to get that familiar feeling that draws us out of doors.  For me Spring always brings with it a great yearning to go out and work on the yard, clean up stuff that needs cleaning up, and begin that process in the body when Vitamin D is produced.  Spring is the harbinger of Mother Nature's paint brush.  When the Sun rises higher and the temperatures go up we know it's time for the flora to bloom and paint our landscape with the colors of nature.  

Spring is also the time with the fauna awakens and creation is in the air.  Look into the woods and you might see a wobbly legged fawn or a baby bear rolling in the grass.  There will be insects buzzing, bees fliting from flower to flower pollinating the world, and warm breezes traveling through the valleys.  

There may be the threat of occasional snow.  The wind might get cold for a brief interlude and skies might darken, but then the Sun shines down upon the land chasing the snow away, and warming any cold air to a tolerable almost imperceptible version of it's former self.  This is the struggle at the beginning of Spring.

Mornings tell us to dawn our jacket, and afternoons ask us why we have it on.  We are confused by the transition and aren't quite sure what to do.  Eventually however this confusion wanes and we know that it is indeed Spring time, and it is time to put the coat away and replace it with the wind breaker.  

Spring is also the time of year when we all get that urge to fly.  Our creative juices begin to flow and we put pen to paper, bring out the scissors, the string, and a few sticks, and put together a wonder of modern man, the kite.  As the air warms the currents of this air rise creating the perfect up lift for flying our Kite, the Dragon Mark IV.  It's a wonderous sight.

Spring is the time for Creation, the time for Wonder, when the Imagination grows and integrates into our souls.  We are the painters of our own existence, we create Spring.  Just like an adolescent God, we have tantrums and the thunder rolls.  Then it quiets again, Sun rises high, and the Butterfly sings.

Peace and Balance,



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    1. I know, right? It's been what seems a long drawn out winter, and it really wasn't. It's all a perception thing.