Monday, April 17, 2023

You Just Can't Fix Stupid


Occasionally I wander out to do things like buying groceries, get gas, attend appointments, and go to work.  Other than that I am pretty much a reclose.  When I do wander forth to get the things that I need, want, or what ever I watch and listen.  Watching and listening is an important part of communicating with other people to get the things you need, want, or what ever.  Recently I've noticed an uptick in stupid.  

Anheuser Bush recently made in my opinion a stupid decision.  That is when they decided to use Dylan Mulvaney as a spokes person for Bud Lite, and putting their picture on the Beer Can.  I'm sorry, but they are not what I would consider an all American Beer drinking individual, bad decision.  Like I said, I pay attention and I guess I'm not the only person to think that was a bad choice.  It seems the entire nation went on an Anheuser Bush boycott.  

I live in the nether reaches of Northern New Hampshire.  In this realm of the world there may only be one truck that delivers Beer to several tiny stores and outlets along the way.  There has been no delivery of Bud products, and the Beer drinkers of the Great North Woods have been buying, in volume, Coors products, Michelob products,  and various other sudsy adult beverages.  Anything other than Bud. 

Now admittedly I don't drink at the moment, and it's been that way for the better part of 4 years.  Not that I don't like the All American Beverage, I'm just cheep and don't want to spend the money.  However, when I do I tend to be what I consider a Beer Snob and will not drink anything that has fusel oils, and over abundances of preservatives added as I don't care for the Brain ache involved after the fact.   I stick to then many flavors of Micro Brews that can be obtained at just about every small village you come to that has a home brewer living there.  They are a little more costly, but like I said I'm cheep and haven't had any in quiet some time. 

Bud is trying to recover from the decision to use Dylan by creating and broadcasting more traditional, "Manly" advertisement.  That is not the solution however, I'm not adverse to having female ads for Beer, it's the over the top Dylan character that was the mistake.  That's not really Bud lite stuff...

So, as I go out and I listen and watch, I see things and hear things that make me retreat further into my cave.  I give report to my wife and her response is purely a survivalist natural, "Buy more ammo dear, the world is going to Hell."  

Peace and Balance,


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