Monday, April 24, 2023

High In The Sky


Early Sunday past I woke early and headed out the door for work at our local Walmart.  The sky was a sight to behold.  Appearing as if God had laid brush to canvas and painted in hues of blue and grey.  Dark lines atop lighter drops, the sky dipped and rose appearing as waves upon a pond.  

These clouds coincidentally are called wave clouds because of their appearance.  Beautiful to behold.  When I parked my pony in it's spot I texted two of my personal conspirators who search for the strange and unusual.  My text was simple and read, "Go out and look at the sky."  

Pictures of the sky over Northern New Hampshire has hit the news.  We are breaking weather news an evening after the event.  It is pretty Far Out after all.  The first thing I thought was, "Hey Man, the UFO's are playing in the sky."  That wasn't the case but, hey what can I say?  

The clouds remained for most of the day.  Still being out when I left the place of Wal at my end of the day.  It was still pretty darn Cool.  Being a Science guy I find weather anomalies pretty Groovy.  It made my day.

Apparently this type of phenomena is a low ceiling cloud usually at or below 7000 feet. These clouds flow and react just like a meandering river in the sky.  Clouds are created by water droplets at different stages of development, so the river analogy makes sense.  Fantastic.   

Keep an eye to the sky this summer.  Be prepared to see all sorts of wonderous anomalies and environmental works of art.  Or perhaps other unknown things in the sky.  You never know what may present itself to the willing.

Peace and Balance,



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