Sunday, April 9, 2023

The Origin of Easter

 The origin of Easter actually originated as an ancient pagan celebration of the Spring equinox. Christians dedicated the day to the celebration and memory of the resurrection of Christ.  Early Christians merged the Jewish Pass Over with the day of resurrection, however with the spread of the Gospels of Jesus, early Christians who did not practice Jewish customs merged their observances with the Pagan's Spring festival, recognizing Easter as Resurrection Day.   

Today's Easter celebration is a mixture of the celebration of Christ's resurrection and the Pagan Celebration of Spring.  However, the trappings of a modern Easter are more akin to the Pagan holiday than the Christian celebration.  Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Decorations, sweets, and a big family meal are all traditions that come directly from Pagan celebrations. 

The most popular symbol of Easter the decorated Egg, can actually be directly traced back to the Ancient Babylonians.  The myth states that a golden egg fell from Heaven into the Euphrates river and hatched birthing the goddess of fertility, Astarte, also known as Ishtar, Ashtur, and yes, Easter, or Esther. The exchange of decorated eggs is a celebration of the coming of Spring, and rebirth. 

The Easter Bunny, or Easter Rabbit is a sign of the fertility of Spring.  It has long been know of the prolific nature of rabbits, hence a logical choice by ancient pagans for the beginning of Spring.  The goddess Esther is often represented by the symbol of a rabbit.  That is why the modern Easter Bunny brings children eggs and treats to celebrate Spring. 

The White Lilly, also known as the Easter Lilly comes from the Garden where Jesus prayed the night of his capture.  It has become the symbol of the resurrection of Christ.  The other flowers of Spring are also used as part of the Easter celebration all representing Spring and the Resurrection of Christ. 

The marriage of celebrations to create our modern Easter are logical.  The Resurrection is a physical expression of Springs awakening and bringing life to lifelessness.  God has Risen.  

Happy Easter.

Peace and Balance,


cited:  April 2023

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