Friday, April 21, 2023

The Three Coffee Maji


Tonight three old guys will re-emerge from the abyss of time and again share coffee and burn sticks.  The three will parle and create things that normal folk will not or can not understand.  Conversation will flow from subjects unknown to subjects almost forbidden.  The Three are The Elders of The Fire, The Coffee Maji.

The weather has changed.  Lifted from the pit is the four feet of snow that has been recently occupying the space leaving the ceremonial iron tire rim through which the flames will breath.  This evening the weather man has predicted temperatures that will remain stable and warm enough to keep the frost from our nostrils.  We will have a grand ole time.

Before the commencing of the ceremony sacred coffee must be brewed and placed in the Thermos of Everything.  This is the special receptacle that carries the sacred brew until it is consumed in the proper manner.  An important part of raising the energy.

Part of this holy process is the creation of  the magical lie that has the power of transformation.  When one learns to weave a tale and speak that story in believable tones, as the Three Old Guys have, then the power to transform the lives of the listener has been shared.  The power of Myth can find the lost and save the injured. Healing is the reason the Three have gathered, the Beginning of Spring in the Great Northern Woods.

Inviting the many unseen ones, and the powers that create back to the world will transform the Earth and allow her to accept her children.  Mankind will emerge from the Winter and the Breath of Life will be shared amongst them.  Breath, Live, Love are the words spoken.

The Three Old Guys will raise their cup of Sacred Coffee and all Hail in the Rebirth.

Peace and Balance,



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