Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Story From Patmos


I've notice the increase in wrinkles on the troubled brows of people all over the world.  I can hear the crying of lost children, and the wails morning mothers.  In the distance there are the concussive waves of explosions re-arraigning the landscape.  War, Famine, Disease, and Death are all around us yet we are blind to the horses hooves as they roar by.  We are in the throws of the times once foretold.  The darkness walks.

From John of Patmos, a giant was seen, one foot in the water, one foot out.  A fiery eye on John the other clad in a dark clouded patch that swallowed all light and roared from within it a terrible roar.  John was terrified, but was compelled to record everything that was told him by the mighty voice of the giant.  It's message was dire and stands today as testament to that which is being ignored by the masses, and terrifies the few.

Is God standing in judgement of us, or are we standing in judgement of ourselves?  A story that is so old and carries so much weight must also carry with it the ability to manifest itself within the minds of men.  Manifest destiny acts on all who hold a thought so tightly that the only way to let it go is to let it become reality.  Heaven help those who can't let go, for letting go is the secret of redemption and forgiveness.  

To forgive a soul you first have to start with your own.  Catholics will have you sit in a small room across from your priest and beg forgiveness.  The priest listens and becomes the channel to God, then doles out the appropriate penance that will free your soul from the binds of Karma.  Other's will listen and give advise on how you can handle your own forgiveness through self established penance.  I say find an old mirror and stare deep into it.  Stare deeply into your own eye's and think about the wrongs you have done, and those who you have hurt.  Look at those eye's long enough with the purpose of letting go and you will begin to see the eye's of God looking back into you bidding you let go.  Let go of your self imposed pain and forgive yourself.  This is the road to forgiving other's and the beginning of Peace. 

Karma is an action.  First you act in a positive or negative fashion.  The outcome is the recording of that action, and how you handle that recording when it plays back determines the level of forgiveness that needs to be doled out to the perpetrator, yourself.  A heavy burden. 

For the many that live within the confines of John's story and the book that it finishes, redemption is at hand.  Four horses are on the charge.  The clouds are opening up and those that see their future's in front of them have a choice, do they choose the Horse with the Rider of Death, or do they wait for the arrival of He who was here before them?

Regardless of who's story is being told the mind of man is writing the script.  What are we going to read between those lines?

Peace and Balance,