Monday, August 7, 2023

Realms Of Ice And Snow.


A few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of wandering into the fridge for a well overdue cleaning.  Well this morning I opened my freezer and found regions that even Chris Hemsworth would be afraid to travel.  Yes even Thor himself would shudder at the thought of traveling forth where I was forced to wander.  I crawled head first into the world of the Ice Giants, the Eisriesenwelt, a cave of ice and cold located in Werfen, Austria about 40 KM south of Salzburg.  This cave is said to be the true birth place of the Ice Giants, the mythical race of frozen beings that Thor and Loki did battle to save the world of man, Midgard.  

The landscape of this place had taken on a dark and ominous look, the packages of old had crystalized and taken a form that has yet to be determined.  They say that mystery meat is only a comical insight.  I can tell you for sure that Mystery Meat is indeed a deadly and tragic thing.  I found out that things left long enough in the freezer will take on new chemical compositions and new universes will emerge.  

Only 2 or 3 times did I snap my hand back after hearing a Howl and dark Growl.  I could swear I saw black wolves dart to and fro between the frozen packages? of death.  The battle commenced. 

Finely I managed to pull the frozen tundra free from my new reclaimed freezer and filled no less than 3 Hefty bags full of stuff.  One of them had to be beaten down with the baseball bat I keep close to the fridge just in case.  I made sure it was all the way dead and put the trash in the storage to wait for Garbage Day.  They are secure, so we're safe enough, however I believe leaving a note for the Garbage Dudes may be prudent on the day of putting out.  Anything other would be disrespectful to their hard work and bravery.  That will ensure my Karma is safe to create another day.  

In Norse mythology very few times did Thor and his half brother Loki work together.  Only when the threat was bigger than either of the two.  This would have been one of those times, so my thanks goes out to the hero's of old for the assistance in my personal battles with the denizens of the Ice and Cold. Vielen Dank...

Peace and Balance,


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