Thursday, August 24, 2023

Lotsa Berry Angel Food Tall Cake

 Have you ever wondered why we call it a short cake and not a tall cake?  I mean when I think of cake I see them stacked high and proud.  We'll blame ole Will Shakespeare for the short cake description.  After all, "What about Alice?"  

Are shortcakes always intended to be made with strawberries, are we breaking some important cardinal rule for making our tall shortcakes with say blueberries or mixed berries?  We could rename it, Marry instead of Alice, and why not?

I'll bet your wondering why I keep referring to an Alice or a Mary, these are two of the sisters in the play, "The Merry Wives Of Windsor."  Alice Shortcake and Mary Windsor.  I guess we'll have to call it Tall cake from now on.  

From now on I'm making Lotsa Berry Tall cake covered in whipped cream on Angel Food.  So, it's Angel Food Lotsa Berry Tall Cake.  Just to keep the political occupation away from Billy Shakespeare's Elizabethan poetry.  

So the next time you decide to create a desert put your own spin on the name and you might find out you've accidentally created something tasty and satirical at the same time.  

Peace and Balance,


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