Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Wood Elves Decloaked.

 Every Friday there is a Burn Wood, Sacred Coffee event in a small, but well prepared Pow Wow ground.  The Three meet together to speak the big talk, and make comment on those things that other's are afraid to speak on.  This fear comes from possible ridicule and disbelief at the things spoken of, but not believed.  However, the Three speak on these things and partake of the Sacred Coffee waiting for "visitors".

Ordinarily bundles of wood used to stoke the sacred fire seem to magically appear at the edge of the Pow Wow ground.  Non of the Three has seen fit to question the origin of the wood bundles.  They just appear at the proper time.  The wood seems to have mystical powers.  It is guaranteed to ignite.  Add a little news paper. ignite with a match and poof, the fire burns bright.  Every time  the wood burns.  

As stated the wood seems to magically appear, it is just there at the right time, in the right place.  Today upon arriving from my teaching duties, a class that goes itself without a hitch, we breathe the deep breath, any who, upon arriving to the Pow Wow ground I inadvertently disturbed the mystical creatures that have been leaving the Magic Bundles of Wood every week.  I drove up the drive and found the Wood Elves placing the bundles of wood in the area just outside the Pow Wow ground.  They were ingeniously disguised in people suits, pretending to be the mystical brother and sister of those who use the grounds.  The Wood Elves disguised in a form that on lookers would not expect to see magical creatures, but I could see..  Now I know the nature of the arrival of the bundles of wood for the Sacred Fire every week.  

Tomorrow we drink the Sacred Coffee for the magical Wood Elves who so eloquently disguised themselves as the Keepers of the fire.  Burn Wood Sacred Coffee day to perform the CSFM which needs no explanation.  Thank you my mystical kin...

Peace and Balance,