Wednesday, October 25, 2023

For Family My Thanks From Now And Zen: The Story


For the past few weeks I've been publishing a book on this forum titled simply "Now And Zen: The Story"   It took 28 chapters and a post log to complete from intro to end.  The writing forced me to reflect on past memories in order to re-create them into a story worthy of reading.  

As was once said to me by a very close friend, "It is easier to write the truth by hiding it within fiction."  The job for the reader is to glean the fact from that fiction.  That is also the entertainment in the reading.  

I hope you've found it a worth while read, and as with all things never take anything for granted, your instincts are your best judges of character.

For: The Old Man, The Grandma, The Dad, The Mom, The Little Sister, The Little Brother, My Beautiful Wife Romona, And of course my three primary antagonists, Charlie, Ray, and Michael. 

Peace and Balance,