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Chapter 25: The Mission Begins


The Boy woke early the next morning and went for a run.  When He returned there was a blue dodge sedan in the Drive Way and standing on the porch of The Bel Aire was non other than Captain Knapp talking to The Dad.  It looked to be a rather tense conversation as the Captain asked a few questions, and The Dad giving direct order sounding answers.  The Boy was confused.  When the pair noticed His presence The Captain spun on his heal took three steps towards the car turned back and saluted The Dad. Then he got in on the driver side of the car and drove back down the dirt road to the highway.  

The Dad saw the confusion on The Boy's face and said, "Your Leave has been cut short, you're being recalled effective immediately."  And noticing the questions forming in The Boy's eyes he said again, "Get your bag I'll take you to the airport, You don't have the clearance for those questions, yet."  The Dad knew what He was thinking.  The Boy went to find his bag.

The Dad and The Old Man were waiting in the car when The Boy re-emerged from The Bel Aire.  He got into the back seat of the Car and The Old Man spoke, "Remember what I said youngster, Take advice from unknown sources."   The Dad drove them down the dirt road the the highway and to The Havre International Airport. 

The same plane that dropped him off at the beginning of his leave was waiting for him.  The Flight Lady was now wearing a First Lieutenant's uniform and standing next to the open door of the plane.  She motioned to the Staff Sargent to get in.  She took his bag and put it in a side compartment.  The Staff Sargent boarded the plane.  The Dad and The Old Man both said, "Good Luck" in unison and drove away.  

The door to the cabin was open and The Staff Sargent could see Captain Knapp at the stick.  He said through the door behind him, "Buckle up, we're off to see the Wizard."  The Lieutenant buckled into the front seat and the engine started.  The plane taxied down the runway and turned 180 degrees and throttled up into the wind.  It was in the air in a very short time and they were off. 

50 minutes later and The Staff Sargent was on a Rachel Airlines jet flying from Billings to Las Vegas piloted by Captain Knapp and hosted by the Flight Lady Lieutenant.  The Staff Sargent was the only passenger during this flight.  There was no movie and lunch was served on a cold metal plate.  It was what the US Military calls, "Shit On a Shingle. Toast covered by a sausage white gravy."  It is actually rather tasty.  The Staff Sargent enjoyed his meal.

The plane touched down in Las Vegan Nevada almost 3 hours later.  This flight was less than half the length of the original too Billings.  The Staff Sargent was dubious, "Something smells bad in the state of Denmark."

Captain Knapp appeared and spoke to the Flight Lieutenant who came to speak with The Staff Sargent, "Stay on the Plane, your team will board soon and your mission orders will be given.  Meanwhile is there anything you need?"

The Staff Sargent smiled and said, "No mam." then laid back in His seat to take a nap. The Lieutenant departed the plane. 

The Staff Sargent was shaken awake, "What the Hell!" He said.  It was the A1C, Airman First Class.

"The Captain want's you awake for this." he said.  

The Staff Sargent sat up in his seat when Captain Knapp walked out of the cabin and stood at the front of the plane. He handed The Flight Lieutenant a group of envelopes who handed them out to the 5.  Each man in the Flight got an envelope with their Name and Rank hand written in black ink on the front.  

The Captain began speaking, "You will remain on this plane and fly into San Antonio where you will board a Black Opps turbo jet.  The plane will fly you under dark over a target just above Belize, Honduras. You will jump to a landing south of Belize where you will board a helicopter and fly to the top of Mogoton.  You each have a specific job, your envelope will explain.  The Staff Sargent will be mission control, everything goes on his go, Saavy?, now Read."

Each of the 5 opened their envelope.  The Staff Sargent's had a picture, written on the back of the photo was a time, and address, and 1 klick.  The distance of the shot, almost 1100 feet.  A short note that read, "Each team member has a specific job.  You are action.  All orders are yours."  

The Captain asked, "Are there any questions?"  Then before any could be asked said, "Those who ask questions will be let off the plane, replaced, and retrained."  No one spoke.

The Staff Sargent's team made up of himself, an A1C, 2 Airman, and a Warrant Officer who was their Chopper pilot.  The Captain stepped into the cabin and closed the door.  The Flight Lieutenant said, "Buckle In, we're about to take off"  She then buckled into her seat.    

The Captain's voice came over the intercom, "Welcome again to Rachel Airlines gentlemen your flight will take approximately, 2 and a half hours, sit back and enjoy."  The plane taxied to the runway and started it's rush to a quick flight.

The plane landed at Kelly AFB a little less that 2 and a half hours and the Captain entered from the cabin, "Stay on the plane until an extraction team comes to get you.  When they do your mission begins.  Do not speak of the mission, just wait."  Then he left the plane.

About an hour later three large black clad sergeants appeared at the entrance to the plane came to the Staff Sargent and asked, "How do you want to proceed sir?" the lead asked.

"Follow your orders, we are ready." He replied.

The 5 were waved off the plane and rushed into a black van waiting on the tar mat.  They were driven to the opposite side of the runway and rushed into a black turbo crew carrier.  As soon as the 5 were all aboard Captain Knapp's voice came over the intercom, "Buckle in boys.  The fun starts here."   

The Staff Sargent addressed the team, "Get some sleep fellas, you'll need a little shut eye."  The team leaned back into their seats and closed their eyes.

A terrible buzzing sound woke the 5 about 3 hours later.  The space was lit up with a red and amber light.  The Flight Lieutenant led the team to the back of the plane and through a trap to the lower deck in the belly.  The room was lit with red and amber.  There were 5 jump packs ready and waiting each with the rank and first initial of the intended user.  "Gentlemen this will be a low drag jump.  Your packs are set on automatic to open over the target sight.  You will be given UV goggles to see.  Your ride and equipment are waiting for you.  Put on your packs, when the buzzer rings lay on your backs head towards the opening door.  The wind and vacuum will do the rest.  Good Luck and Safe Travels." 

The 5 dawned their packs, tightened the straps and double checked the fit.  Helmets at the ready and goggles put on.  The buzzer was sounding and the lower hatch was opening.  The 5 each laid on their backs head toward the opening door.  The sound of the wind made it impossible to understand or hear anything else.  The red lights turned green then a great whoosh pulled The Staff Sargent out of the plane.  He fell for the count of 3 and the chute popped out the back and top of his pack.  There was a momentary loud, "Pop" and He was swinging back and forth until He grabbed the control lines.  Looking down He saw a florescent white bullseye and steered himself into the spot.  He nicely walked into the grass then gathered up the chute as fast as he could looking for a place to stow it when he saw a black chopper parked in the distance.  He began running to the chopper.  Just as he got to the bird The Warrant Officer arrived at the same time, "All's good sir. The rest of the Team will be here shortly."   They stowed their packs and began inventorying the equipment.  

Each member of The 5 had a specialized weapon.  There was a satellite radio pack, ammunition, and personalized com units.  The Staff Sargent inventoried his own weapon, a high caliber rifle with UV, RF scope capable of seeing a mile. The whole unit had a shoulder harnessed carrying case.  It was surprisingly light for it's size and caliber.  Each one of the team was now inventorying their own weapon and equipment.  "All Copasetic?" asked The Staff Sargent.  "Yes Sargent," all replied.

"Get on the bird." He ordered.

The Warrant had the Chopper warmed up and ready to go.  It was a silent flier and they  were now heading South into the Mountains.  The Word was Go.

Peace and Balance,


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