Saturday, October 28, 2023

Sacred Coffee and Open Fire Cooking.

Every Friday evening the Three gather to burn wood, drink the sacred coffee, share in each other's company, and of course talk about other folks.  There has been added another element into the ceremonial progressing's of the evening, that is the cooking of Hotdogs and Brats over an open fire.   This added element brings great joy to the Three and brings about the transcendent effect of a warm happy tummy.  

As discussed in past posts Coffee is truly a sacred thing.  In the language of The People Coffee is created from Wakaliapi, "the sacred bean."  When dried and roasted in the proper manner Wakaliapi is slow brewed into it's proper medicinal form of Pejuta Sapa, "Black Medicine."   The black liquid that enhances the experiences and wakens the minds of many an elderly, as The Three have survived to be, and adult American person.  This fine nation politically as well as Indigenously functions on the wake of this gift of The Great Spirit Grandfather, Pejuta Sapa, The Holy Bean.  The drink from the Heavens.  

Adding the Hot Dogs and Brats to the magic of the evening has enhanced the Power and Medicine that The Three wield during their discussions, merry makings, and gossip intended to share the Healing Energies with the masses.  In Ancient times this is how the news of the day was shared, and would be the old time physicians meetings discussing the psychological and physical wellness of the tribe.    Of course the word Physician isn't quite correct as the old words are different for any of the 500 languages spoken on this continent even up until 150 years ago.  We could say, Sachem, Pejuta Wicaca, Wakan Wicaca, Pejuta Winan, Wakan Winan, Medicine man, Medicine woman, Holy man, Holy woman, what have you.  The languages may be different, however the meanings are profound and to the point.  In today's  expansive world the old Tibetan/Mongolian word, Shaman, is used generically to include all Holistic Healers, and Holy People to include Priests and yes, Physicians.  

This is one of, as in many, reasons The Three gather on Friday's to celebrate the Holy Bean, have the Sacred talk, and now enjoy the Roasting of the Sacred Brat on a stick.  The World is such a Majickal place.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. . . . and sometimes there's cookies . . . and UFO . . .