Sunday, October 29, 2023

Putting 4 New Shoes on The Pony.

 Purchasing items off of the inter web thing can be a great test of patience.  I've recently ordered a set of 4 tires for my CRV Pony through Walmart, and as is the case with many internet organizations Walmart doesn't actually own the products it sells.  Especially through the World Wide Spiderness.  Walmart is one of the or rather the largest company in the world that acts as an agent for the manufacturers and sellers of products of all kinds from food stuff to electronics, and in my case automotive.  You order your products and Walmart places the order through the originator and your funds are split between the two organizations.  Symbiotic capitalism at it's best.  

My tires are on the way and are expected to arrive within the next few hours.  They originated in a company from Phoenix AZ called Simply Tire.  I got a real good deal and saved almost 142 dollars due to my affiliation with the Wall Giant organization.  So, the purchase price was extremely reasonable.  The best blessing is that I have a time booked for the students of the automotive program at the Berlin High School to install and balance my tires.  A double savings.  The teacher of the automotive program at the High School is a young man that is the past master mechanic from a local car dealership.  He's very good at his job and the kids under his tutelage are learning a real trade.  

The same program has just recently replaced the front brakes on my Pony and I am very happy with the job they've done.  In the long run for both jobs, the brakes and the tires, I have spent less than I would have if I would have had the local car dealership do the whole show.  Being an employee of the local High School has it's bennies.  

This arrangement, the Master technician and his students using the vehicles of the  staff as teaching and learning tools is very symbiotic and resembles an old fashioned Taoist Temple.  The Master teaching the Students who in turn offer their assistance to the other Masters of the Temple.  My Driving has become the product of the modern Cha, or Zen experience of the Taoist old world.

This is called Balance and within it is great Peace.

Peace and Balance,


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  1. That's the Way of the Tao. Our schools can be viewed as Modern temples of learning. Kung Fu in all things. 80)