Friday, January 21, 2011


When two people come together and share similar wants and desires it can be said that they are experiencing the same dreams. The two have yearnings for sameness and shared experiences. This yearning and desire is a reflection of the dream within both of them, they share the dream.

Those same two people can manifest that dream through concentration on the appropriate resources and their unity to bring about the desired goal, their dream. This, more often than not, takes much hard work and focus.

After many years of practiced dreaming and shared experiences the dreams will penetrate the psyche of the two and they literally will be sharing the same sleeping, or waking dream. This is said to be, “The Art Of Dreaming.”

Carlos Castaneda, wrote a series of books about dreaming and it’s enterprises. Carlos learned the art from an old Yaqui shaman named Juan Matus. The art Juan taught Carlos was an advanced form of sharing and hard work.

Hard work is the key to manifesting a dream, making it real. Don Juan may or may not have been real, but his dream is true. My grandfather, Henry “Hoot” came from the same area, the desert. Dreaming is a big thing in the desert, when we dream and our dreams come true it’s said we’re walking out of the desert. There are many stories about walking the desert and facing dreams. What dreams may come?

Peace and Balance,

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