Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Power Of Faith

Occasionally we have accidents. Little booboo’s that we collect while walking through our every day lives. Sometime’s our little booboo’s aren’t that little. We run into things, fall down, and trip over stuff that we don’t see in the night.

One of these little booboo’s has recently plagued my Dear Wife, Romona. She has a booboo that has almost miraculously healed itself in a little less than a week. I personally believe that her fast healing is due to her faith and natural ability to heal herself and others. Romona has the ability to be with people and make them feel better and occasionally have interesting spontaneous little miracles. I believe this is the reason her booboo’s have mostly gone away.

I know for example that I feel much better by being near her on a daily basis. Of course I’m a little prejudice on this matter being in love with her and all that, but hey. I’ve witnessed some wonderful things happening around my Beautiful Romona. I am graced with the presence of an angel.

Faith heals many things, the spirit, the soul, and yes the physical body. May yours be as strong.

Peace and Balance,

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