Thursday, January 20, 2011

Human Nature

I would like to take a moment to write about human nature। Human Beings are endowed with the ability to think and reason. We have the inherited ability to rationalize our actions and even our reactions before they happen. Within us all there is that part of the creature that feels and expresses emotion. Emotion can be very positive, it can build things, it can strengthen things, and it can be the force behind some of the coolest creations that people have made throughout history. Emotion can also be the root of negative things, there are those emotions that are destructive, and those that are jealous. These negative emotions lead to our bad behavior and can disable our rational thought processes. They can kill us.

We can, through training and practice, control our negative emotions and use them to teach us about ourselves। We can ascend beyond ourselves and reach a certain amount of enlightenment through the practice of self control।

Human Nature has the ability to take control of us before we take control if it। I’ve walked down both path’s of the rational and irrational. I choose to be rational and take control of my human nature. We are not Vulcans like Mr. Spock of “Star Trek”, but we can learn to use the teaching of the negative feelings and the nurturing of the positive ones in order to grow and become a more enlightened, rational, and sensible human beings.

Take the challenge।

Peace and Balance,

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