Friday, January 7, 2011

Raining Birds and Bobbing Fish

Recently we’ve had a rash of die offs here in America. Birds falling from the skies in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana, Blotted floating fishes by the thousands not more than thirty minutes from the birds, what the heck is going on in Arkansas?

I’ve read and heard theories from Armageddon to over enthusiastic fireworks entertainers, are they serious? If you’re religious bent leads you to the former explanation then maybe you should be looking for more signs and stocking up on extra food, water, and places to hide. If you believe that more that four thousand birds can be killed spontaneously from booming fireworks due to stress and fear, then go back to school and study science.

It interests me that a few days later we here in the good ole US of A learn that the same anomaly happened in Europe. I wonder if I shouldn’t be stocking up on clean undies and cans of soup?

Whatever may be the cause of the dropping avian and the floating fish I do think we should be paying very close attention and not believing everything our uncle Sam driven media has been reporting and speculating. Keep your wits about you and open your mind.

Peace and Balance,

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