Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gabriel Come Blow Your Horn

Normally I’m a fairly modest fellow. I don’t tell people much about myself, and I don’t voice opinions unless there is an importance to that voice. I have been recently reminded that informing people and getting information out there is important for professional growth. So here it is.

I grew up in the state of Montana during a time of political and racial turmoil. I remember when driving from Havre, where I lived, across Belknap Reservation to Billings and Crow agency was very hazardous to personal safety. There was a time when my Dad told me that I should drive around Belknap and take an alternate route to Billings. I of course ignored his warning. Outside the town of Belknap I was pulled over by what turned out to be one of my more militant cousins. This is the only reason I was able to cross the res., I’m related. This was at the time when a fellow named Pelletier was arrested at Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

I played sports as a kid. Starting the year off with Football, moving into Wrestling, and ending with Track and Field, I was a field guy. I lifted heavy things and through stuff for distance. I was a pretty big kid in high school, haven’t changed much since then. At 230 lbs, I’m a lean mean fighting machine. Of course I’m getting old enough not to play games. If I’m attacked, I kill. Tends to avoid any middle interference.

I joined the USAir force a couple years out of high school and became one of the silent few. When I left the service I began teaching the martial arts, one of the things I did all my life. May not have mentioned that. Twenty Five or so years later I’ve inherited my family style and am it’s Grandmaster. I’ve been practicing now for well over forty years.

I went back to school a few years back and eventually earned a degree in science education. I was at the top of my class, now I need to find a real job, and I’m an old guy.

As trumpets go, Gabriel has a horn to blow. I follow the tradition and let the world know that I’m here and I’ll be writing everywhere.

Peace and Balance,

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