Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frost Bite Falls

Welcome to Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota the home of Bullwinkle Moose and Rocket J. Squirrel. I know that we don’t live near there here in the North Country, but people are the same everywhere. Rocky and Bullwinkle evading and battling with riffraff such as Boris, Natasha, and of course Fearless Leader. O’l Fearless has that interesting scar across his face, sports a monocle, and has one of those eastern European accents that makes you remember eviler days.

I’m thinking of human kind. Often we look at ourselves and other folks with that certain squint and tilt to the head that makes us look like we might not be believing what is being said to us. We’ll get that bulge in our jaws telling other’s we’re grinding our teeth due to irritation and or frustration. After a certain period of disappointment in our fellow beings we start avoiding said beings in hopes things will change and the people will become enlightened to certain personal behaviors. Most of the time this hope gets dashed on the rocks of reality and we retreat further into our caves.

Frost Bite Falls is a place where the battle of the East and West is still playing itself out in time honored tradition, and we are entertained through the satire of it all. Boris and Natasha always loose and our Great American Way prevails, or does it?

As I awake from my drunken capitalistic stupor I realize my piece of the pie is about to bite me in the behind. I was not prepared for it’s reality. I have some advise for the reader, Start stuffing dollars into your mattress.

Peace and Balance,

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