Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold Wars

I grew up during the Cold War. Later I worked for Uncle Sam during the Cold War. I remember the “Duck and Cover” drills, the funny looking signs we were taught to recognize, that pointed to a nuclear tomb, and JFK threatening to start trading our arsenal with the Soviets over a pig filled bay. I remember once President Regan took office we, the military body, were on constant “Alert” status until the day he left office. I remember. These are just a few of the warm and fuzzy feelings cast down from my generation to the next. However, I remember when we won that war, hurray. Or did we?

I was reminded today by one of the high school seniors that China has just passed the United States in technology and gross national product. China is now, according to my sources, the leading Super Power in the world. So, I’m remembering predictions laid out by a doom speaker of the last group of doom sayers, Ed Dames. Mr. Dames claimed that China would eventually be in the position of making us capitalistic types very uncomfortable about our global position. Ok, I’m uncomfortable.

There are many Sci Fi books and movies that subtly suggest that the oriental world gains a majority of the global power. Just watch, “Blade Runner,” or “Serenity,” that started as the TV series, “Fire Fly.” Both of these are infiltrated with Chinese language and customs. Yet another prediction from, Hollywood? Maybe.

So folks, keep your eyes and ears open, watch the stock market and listen to the political rhetoric coming from Asia and Washington. You might here some interesting things.

Peace and Balance,

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