Monday, December 4, 2023

Advice from around the Fire.

 If you ever find yourself outside in the cold sitting around a nice hot highly stocked fire enjoying coffee and the gossip of the day and it begins to rain find water proof dry clothes to put on.  get somewhere warm and dry to keep the body safe from the yucks.  Take my word for it that ignoring this advice and not taking the time to care for yourself in those conditions can cause serious badness to inflict it's hostile pains upon you.  It is not a happy thing. 

As it was this past weekend The Three congregated around a nice toasty fire highly stoked partaking of the weekly conversation, ceremony, and sacred coffee.  It was beautiful, then the rain came.  Each of the Three sponged up a certain amount of cold drippyness and at the end of the night when things were being put away an amount of standing cold water was still on seats, the tops of coolers, and rocks around the Fire pit.  It was a fabulously hot fire.  The Three parted company and each went home to wives, snacks, and bed.  The one we shall call Master Wu woke the next morning expecting the top part of his brain to explode.  The Migraine was classic and should be in the halls of memory.  Wu's wife took his temp. and indeed it was there.  He thought the end was sure to come and decided to swab his brain and test for the evil Corona virus he was Negative a positive turn of events.  She took his temp. again and yes it was still holding on.  What a turn of events for getting a little to wet at the wrong ambient temperature.    Apparently if the body temp drops quickly the recovery rate can be taxing.  He is better now and has learned a lesson in Thermodynamics.   

The advice is, stay dry, Keep your feet dry and warm, keep you powder dry, and don't try to breath the whole fire.  

However, It was Grand.  

Peace and Balance,


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