Saturday, December 9, 2023

My Wife's Philosophies.


From the philosophies of my Enlightened Wife:  "When the Sheets are straight, All's right in the world."

This was proven true to me after re making and straightening the bed.  Upon crawling  back under the covers the body relaxed and an audible sigh of relief and comfort was heard from both sides of the bed. All was indeed right in the world.  

It occurs to me that during this time of year many troubles can be solved between a set of warm, comfy, straight sheets.  When the addition of a warm comforter and a favorite blanket is also applied to the straight sheets then warmth and the inevitable sounds of breathing and the occasional contented snore will be heard.  These are both clues to the present state of wellness between the sheets making the world right.  These are my wife's ideas perfect sleep.  I am enjoying the experiment on the quality of sleep under these conditions, and so far she is quite right, "When the Sheets are straight All's right in the world."  

Under these conditions the mind is able to relax and REM sleep occurs allowing restful and healthful dreaming to happen.  Our minds relax and our bodies heal.  Perfect rest.  All's right in the world.  

So, as the philosopher awakens from a dream take my wife's advice and keep your sheets straight.  The benefits of a well rested night will follow you everywhere you are.  And your world too will be right.  

Peace and Balance,


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