Sunday, December 17, 2023

Drawback of illness

 It kind of sucks being ill.  Sometimes you just wake up that way, and others the ill sneaks up on you and attacks when you're least expecting it.  I am in the throws of one of those moments.  Occasionally I suffer from bouts of an allergy that likes to remind me that I should stay away from certain kinds of trees, and or food.  Then it hits me with the allergy stick, Whap! And I tell you that is not a comfortable slap in the side of the head.  It's kind of like splitting wood with an axe that is followed by swelling of the face, mouth, and the stuff attached.  A round of allergy pills and Benadryl is the usual personal treatment which I can tell you is sometimes worse than the original smack in the side of the skull.  That stuff turns me into a floating glob of goo and erases my ability to think and communicate intelligently.  Which may have been in question in the first place, but hey at least there is the talking thing.  Usually a day or two later and I'm back to my smiling self.  Which is a relief since I often look like a swelled alien.  But, now I'm back.  

It kind of sucks being ill.  However, normality is shortly at hand along with drug induced sleep complete with the dreams of the old times.   Dreams of immortality and the song of the season.  HO HO HO.

Peace and Balance,