Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What NO Coffee?


There was a catastrophe in the Schmaing household this morning. It was discovered that the sacred drink, Pejuta Sapa, Coffee was out.  Such things should not happen for to long without the sacred drink can cause time to slip and when that happens it's never a good thing.  To replace the need for caffeine the black medicine was replaced with several cups of green and black teas.  Although not a perfect substitute it will suffice in a pinch until the stores of the holy bean can be replaced.  

Later in the day with intentions of replacing these important supplies the Pony drops a lud nut on the way to Walmart.  So upon seeing the delema I was in the small lud wrench was freed from it's resting place next to the spare tire in the back of the CRV.  I tightened all luds as tight as I could with my little wrench.  I have a few extra grams of mass to use in such emergencies so the wheel was tightened back snug.  I was discovered that there were loose luds all around the car, so a few foot pounds of John was pressed into each one.  I did manage to get to Sanel before it closed to purchase a new lud and added it to the tire.  Tightened with my grunt and good til the morning.  I will take it to the Master of Auto at school and again he will look at my Pony's shoes and let me know what could have happened.  So far it is a mystery.  All tires are new and the torque was applied to each lud upon adding them.  They should not have loosened.  We will see tomorrow.  My fingers and toes are crossed,  Hoping my luck stays with me.  Until then.  Then to refill the coffee.

Peace and Balance,


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