Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Teaching Stuff


I teach stuff.  I teach anything from Crazy Mathematics to Kinetic Science.  The kind of stuff where you learn to calculate the creative and destructive forces that are possible if not probable in the collisions of one body slamming into another body.  Which momentum wins or over comes the other, and is there a probable prosecution involved?

A 357 magnum revolver travels approximately 2100 to 2200 fps (feet per second) with an impact of a small fast moving vehicle.  At one time the 357 magnum revolver was considered the most powerful handgun manufactured.  It held that title for more than twenty years, before the creation of the 44 caliber Black Hawk Super Mag.  These two weapons are ranked presently as 1 and 2.  They aren't the largest, just the most powerful. 

So, as I said I teach stuff.  Sometimes Sciency stuff.  I might have my students count the divots on a  golf ball, a couple different types, then demonstrate what happens when you shove a roll of mint Mentos into a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke.  That's a fun one.  Then I might ask, "How many divots are on a Mentos, and what causes the reaction that caused the cool looking explosion of Diet Coke?"  Disclaimer here, Do this outside as not to irritate parents.  

Teaching stuff is sometime subtle, sometimes not so subtle.  It depends on the retention and absorption of the brain attached to the teachee.  The past couple of school years has seen a radical decline in the sponge matter within the mind of the average teen.  An after glow of Covid 19?  Possibly.  Of course we tend to inherit our parents sponge matter.  Nuff said.

My generation was a generation of experimental scientists.  We would experiment with our own devises as not to harm nor kill our friendly fuzzy friends.  We are more laid back than our children who have grown up to become a tribe of possible prosecuting attorneys set on waging war with Mom and Dad.  But I digress.

So, one of my children has crossed that indivisible line, and He teaches stuff.  I welcome him into the fold of forever confused parents and adults that wander like so many Zombies stumbling and moaning sounds that only adults of a certain age can moan.  He to has children.  

In conclusion, I teach stuff.  Now I suppose I should learn stuff to teach.

Peace and Balance,