Friday, October 7, 2022

Groovie Ghoulies cont.

In our misbegotten youth it is important to have hero's that can show us the way.  These hero's explain to us when we are young things that we can't comprehend with our pre-developing minds.  On of my loves when I was a Junior High School kid was the Groovie Ghoulies.  Frankie, Drack, Wolfy, Mummy, a Ghost, and a few nameless characters where there to entertain and help explain to me things I did not fully understand, "The Vietnam Conflict," which was being blasted daily to us from ABC, NBC, and CBS.  The three Biggies.  

My Favorite Groovie Ghoulie was the transformation of Frankie into the ever loving Super Ghoul.  Which is posted in the previous blog posting.  I hope you enjoy the Theme Song, I have remembered the tune for many, many years.  Says something about the effects certain things have on our youth.  


Peace and Balance,


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